Motorola Xoom 2 Tablet, Details Emerge


Motorola Xoom 2To say that Motorola’s Xoom tablet has not done well would be tantamount to an entry to the “understatement of the year” award. But things have changed over the last few weeks, after Google announced its intent to buy Motorola’s mobility business.

Google’s Android mobile operating system has been doing well and gaining ground on Apple’s iOS; so it was perhaps only natural that Google decided to integrate backwards and acquire manufacturing capability.

The combination of Motorola’s technology in mobile devices, its patents and Google’s OS may yet shake up the market for smartphones and tablets.

As with any impending product launch, the anticipated launch of the Xoom 2 has been preceded by leaks about the forthcoming product. If the rumours quoted in Engadget are true, then the Xoom 2 is to be launched in two versions. The first has a 10.1” HD touchscreen, while the other has a smaller HD screen that’s around 8.2” in length.

Both devices are less than 1 cm in thickness and are believed to run on Android’s 3.2 OS. The dually offered models come with 5 megapixel HD cameras. It is believed that Xoom 2 will offer 11 hours of battery life, which is a lot more than what Xoom’s first product offered.
According to Thisismynext, Xoom 2 is believed to run on a 1.2GHz Tegra dual core processor.

It offers 1080p video recording capability, a built-in IR blaster, LTE connectivity, Adobe Flash Player 11 and Netflix compatibility (in the US).

A keyboard case attachment and stylus are also part of the Xoom 2 package. But how much of all this is speculation and how much is reality will be known only when Motorola makes some official announcements about Xoom 2.

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