9-String Kelstone Guitar by Jan Van Kelst


9 String Kelstone GuitarWhether you’re a budding classical guitarist such as John Williams or the more rocky type that’s presented in Brian May, the 9-string Kelstone guitar is really going to get you plucking those strings.

Looking much like a conventional guitar, this musical wonder can be played like a pianist in the standing or sitting position and has a massive 26 frets available to use.

Of Belgium design, the creator Jan Van Kelst details that those who own the musical instrument can make it sound by strumming, using a pick, using a pull-off technique, hammer-on method or bend it like Beckham and slide it in as desired!

Like piano players, musicians using the Kelstone can utilise both hands to create melodies that soar to the ears (or not, as the case may be!) and the combination of being able to use both treble and bass like sounds, chords and textures together is going to be appealing that’s for sure.

Creating this fantastic musical gadget has provided Kelst with the opportunity to bundle all the guitar types together into one fine piece, so the options of baritone, standard, bass guitar sounds and features can all be accessed in one.

Purchasers can select from a triple offering of string types on offer, from heaviest strings and then medium and lighter options.

Using this 9-string instrument is clearly not going to give musicians traditionally accepted indentations from all the plucking needed and is certainly going to relieve some pressure on the hands and fingers, then free to roam up and down the entire range of the Kelstone as desired.

Weighing in at 8.3kg, it’s not as heavy as it looks either and the 108cm in length is going to fit nicely into lots of areas or gig venues. It’s priced at around 900 Euros, which is around $1200 is the USA.

Accessories cost a bit more and the muting pedal will set you back about 85 Euros ($115) and metal stands, cases, gig bags and hard cases are all priced individually, so make sure these are all checked out before you buy – happy plucking!

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