iPhone 5, Announcement Date and New Features

| October 2, 2011 | Comments

We’re only 1 day away from Apple’s October 4th event, where it is widely expected that Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, will address the invitees and launch iPhone 5.

As far as the iPhone 5 goes, it is believed that it will use the same processor that powers the iPad 2, the 1GHz Apple A5 CPU. However, it will have 1GB of RAM, which is double the memory of the iPhone 4 or even the iPad 2.

As with every single Apple product launch for the last so many years, this one too has set the market abuzz with rumours. This time, the widely held belief about iPhone 5’s killer feature is the “Assistant”, a voice-control system.

It is believed that using the “Assistant”, one can literally ask for directions and set calendar appointments through voice commands.

The Assistant is also believed to be integrated with the Wolfram Alpha answer engine, which supposedly provides instant answers to questions on a wide variety of topics.

For example, if you’re teaching your child geography, and you want to know the capital of Burkina Faso, you can just “ask the Assistant” for the answer. If you’re still trying to remember what the capital of Burkina Faso is, it’s Ouagadougou!

iPhone 5 is also believed to come with Nuance, a speech-to-text functionality. If true, this even smarter device (compared to its competitors) can actually type what you say.

It is believed that Nuance even promises iPhone 5 the opportunity to conduct an extended conversation. So if you are bored, and have an iPhone with Nuance capability, maybe you can talk to your phone, instead of talking to yourself.