iPad 3 Features, New Screen Technology


iPad 3 Release DateCurves are back! No, it’s not what you are probably thinking (that too, though!). I am referring to the future shape of touchscreens for devices like tablets and smartphones.

There are reports that Apple may be planning curved glass touchscreens for products such as the iPad 3, which is due next year.

The rationale for curved glass screens is that they are supposedly more ergonomic, so that we are more comfortable when making and receiving calls. I wonder if there would be any advantage to a curved screen if I use a Bluetooth type “hands-free” device already with my phone?

Does this also mean that the iPad 3 will primarily be a phone? Now that’s worth another thought, isn’t it? Another reason for using a curved glass display may be to reduce reflection even more.

According to DigiTimes, which broke this news, they obtained this information from sources in the glass industry. Earlier in the year, there was a report that Apple has procured a couple of hundred special machines to cut glass in curvy shapes.

Google Nexus S by Samsung already uses curved glass, as does the fifth generation iPod nano. So a curved glass screen is not altogether unheard of.

Where there is smoke, there must be fire. So the news may not altogether be without any basis in fact. But the smoke may also come from a cigar! As we all know, especially with Apple’s new products, there is always speculation that ranges from fairly accurate to the utterly ridiculous.

So I guess we just have to wait for official information released by Apple.

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