iTree iPhone & iPod dock


iTree iPhone iPod DockYou are justifiably proud of your iPhone and iPod. Wouldn’t you like a docking station that is just as innovative? The iTree docking station by KMKG is crafted by skilled craftsmen from Austria’s Streirische Vulkanland area. Each iTree docking station is made from the log of a tree trunk that is picked directly from the forests of Austria.

That might well make it one of the largest docking stations in the world. Poplar, cherry and spruce wood are currently the most popular.

The iTree docking station deliberately maintains the natural “wood” look, with fibre intact. The best part is that you can actually select the wood from which you want your iTree docking station to be made of and define your specifications.

For example, you can choose to have speakers embedded in your iTree docking station. The docking station has multiple ports, which means that multiple devices, such as an iPhone, iPod and even other music players with similar ports can be mounted on the iTree.

You can use the docking station to charge your gadgets or simply enjoy the music even as your gadgets get charged. The iTree is also compatible with wireless LAN streaming technology by ARCAM. In fact, you can even get a vinyl turntable custom-fitted on it. Depending on how much space your room has, you can get your iTree docking station mounted on the wall or on a stand.

Your iTree docking station is completely custom-made; if you want even more design ideas, do look at Branex Design docking station, Dashlink docking port for Harleys, and the iBoat docks.

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