Foam Dart Rotary Cannon, Serious Firepower


Foam Dart Rotary CannonEver wondered what the precursor to modern machine guns was? If you are a trivia or pub quiz enthusiast, you would know that the answer is the Gatling rotary cannon. Originally designed in 1862, the first Gatling gun could fire at 200 rounds per minute.

The Gatling gun served the US and European armies well between 1865 and 1911, when it was declared as obsolete by the US army. A hundred years later, the Gatling gun has made a comeback in the form of the Foam Dart Rotary Cannon.

It can make a great gift for your ten year old son. Don’t worry, it’s only a toy; it can fire only 2.5”x0.5” foam darts that are painless even if they hit you. Think of the joy your son can get by pretending that he’s a one-man army. Interested in the gory details?

Here you go…. The Foam Dart Rotary Cannon uses an electric motor and sprocket that advance the ammunition belt. Motorised wheels help accelerate each individual dart from the firing chamber through the 9” long central barrel.

When your son is threatening to shoot at you, do not under-estimate the distance to which this toy gun can shoot its foam darts. A range of 20 feet means he can get you across most rooms in your home.

All these moving parts require some serious power. The Foam Dart Rotary Cannon is powered by six AA batteries. So apart from the $79.95 cost, be prepared to shell out a fair bit for the batteries. You also need to be mindful of disposing of the used batteries; remember, they’re a potential hazard to the environment.

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