Your Name as a Frame, Write a Bike Concept


Write a Bike ConceptNot an idea or practical solution for shy and retiring types we think or those who don’t like to blow their own trumpet on the highways and byways of the world, but the Write a Bike Concept might bring a welcome splash of artistic merit to dissuade would-be bicycle thieves.

Many deterrents and current methods exist to enable bike owners to protect their pride and joy, through to removing wheels and segments of their transport, to mechanical locking fixtures to help weld the bike to the ground. Trouble is there’s always a thief about who finds a way to nick your wheels even after the best efforts have been employed.

The upwardly mobile thinking and innovative designer who is behind the handlebars of this concept is Juri Zaech who feels that we’re all going about securing our chains ‘n pedals the wrong way. We need to think outside the box.

This is why Juri has invented the personalisation of bikes that can cleverly display an owner’s name built into the frame, a dead give-away if you’re a big bloke who is riding a pink bike called ‘Lucy’. Mhmmmm, the writing’s not on the wall for this one, but it could pave the way for many ‘autographed’ celebrity bikes?

Design, safety, actual construction problems and challenges aside, it’s actually a pretty nifty idea and time will reveal if the bicycle can actually be safely ridden. However, how the bike frame is going to hold safely together with included name is anyone’s guess, but we wish Juri lots of movement on this bicycle-made-for-a-name idea!

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