Printer Concept, See What You Print


See What You PrintWe all like to see what we’re going to be ultimately delivered with in advance and when it comes to printing photographs at home or within the workplace, it’s definitely a plus to view these as they will be printed before the expensive photo paper and glossy ink is used.

Rolling into snap-happy worlds everywhere is the dazzling ‘See What You Print’ concept or otherwise known as ‘SWYP’ for those who can’t be bothered to relay the official title.

A company specialising in the skill and art of design, the Artefact guys in fact, believe that the humble old printer needs a bit of a helping hand, hence the birth of the SWYP idea.

The printing machine will be a clever thinking and most intelligent sentient beast using the SWYP theory and printer gadgets will boast a specific paper sized screen on the surface top which would enable users with touchscreen technology.

This would give clever interaction between user and gizmo, bypassing a computer to enter the needed instructions, tweak settings and input various commands to print a photo of choice.

Owners could edit, rotate, manipulate, crop and change their images to all needed requirements before the expensive print function is used, and see a photograph preview on the screen before the printer spits out the image below.

The Artefact team reckon their idea will be very flashy indeed as the integrated screen would have a calibration setting that would give a visual preview exactly of what the printed output would be, so no guessing required here.

Whether this will actually save expensive printer ink and replace computers or actually enable many photographers to needlessly print huge streams of snaps, we’ll just have to wait and see!

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