Touch Screen Vending Machines, VendScreen


VendScreenYou see them in what seems to be everywhere, at work, college, university, school or in airports, train stations and shopping centres, the good old vending machine and those who are served by them are pretty much integrated into our society.

Without the magic box which takes our cash and offers up snacks, drinks and needed chocolate, where would we all be? In an attempt to spruce up the boring old-fashioned image of the vending machine on the street, the VendScreen is proudly strutting its stuff over in Japan and enjoying a makeover whilst serving the needs of the Japanese population.

Vending outlets that are kitted out with the VendScreen in Japan offer their users a slick, modern and innovative interface and it seems that touchscreen capabilities can be added to anything these days.

The internationally based gadgets can offer all kinds of products from hot soup and other staple foods, all via the convenience and visually pleasing interface that the touchscreen offers.

This clever piece of technology doesn’t just have to be integrated with new vending machines either as it can be retrospectively fitted to all older models that are crowding the streets in thousands of areas.

Hopefully now gone are the days where a push of the button on mechanically operated selection pads stick and purchasers then need to rigorously shake and kick the unit to make it deliver the snack of choice, as the touchscreen is surely going to be much smarter.

Advertisers can also enjoy displaying their ads on the screen too, all wrapped up in other brilliant features such as making a payment electronically without using hard cash, or giving a refund if needed.

Snacks on offer can also be checked for their nutrition and composition and those who stock the gadget can even find out what the best sellers are in a particular location.

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