Huawei Honor Smartphone Running Android, with Long Battery Life


Huawei Honor SmartphoneWell, to keep your honour intact you won’t go too far wrong if you choose the new Huawei Honor 1.4GHz smartphone that comes with plenty of gizmos, whizz-bangs and features that is going to be more than enough to keep even the most demanding Android fanatic happy.

This four inch screened beauty, sleek in appearance, has a screen that is enabled for all kinds of touch sensitive needs and is admirably controlled via a heart of 1.4GHz power which is enabled by a processor of single core origin.

Snap happy folks will undoubtedly enjoy the front-sided integrated camera which poses for all to see with its 8 megapixel quality level and the power of the Huawei is ably managed from an included offering of 4GB ROM, plus all you need with 512MB RAM.

Those who demand extra storage capacity will undoubtedly make use of the microSD slot which will take your card of choice, and if that’s not enough to tickle your taste buds, then the massive 160GB of space, cloud style, is sure to meet most needs, if not all.

Of course, like most gadgets on the market, the Huawei Honor comes with Bluetooth functionality and Wi-Fi that sports lots of different wireless capabilities, plus there’s also Triband UMTS/HSPA+ and Quadband GSM/EDGE support too.

For those who need delicate music to the ears on the move or whilst resting, the FM radio that’s on board will enable the lug holes to enjoy sounds of choice, which sits next to a microphone setup, microUSB port and DLNA supporting features.

Not many choices in colour though and black models only can be purchased in the Middle East, Russia and China near the end of 2011, but fear not colour seekers as more will be available soon, possibly when the Huawei becomes available in Europe and the USA.

Anyway, black goes with anything doesn’t it?

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