Flying Circle, Looking a Little Dangerous


Shu Mansheng Flying CircleDon’t look too hard here, as you might just get dizzy, so don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance! Dicing with death over in China is the insanely brilliant or amazingly fearless (or daft) Mr Shu Mansheng who has constructed the wheel of death which looks almost like one of those AR Drone’s that can fly around in the skies above.

This circular gadget is the width of three normal adults laying end to end as the eighteen feet of diameter is metallic in its build and in the middle there has carefully been slotted a plastic covered metal cube, which appears to be a small attempt to ensure some safety is apparent in the Flying Circle.

The Circle lifts itself into the air by the powerful employment of a host of eight separate engines that have been salvaged from motorbikes. These are all strategically placed around the outer circumference of the circle and provide uplift whilst working on a sideways mounted position.

Mr Mansheng is no amateur though as this design is number five in a series of Flying Circles that he’s produced and one would hope that within each one constructed he extends the safety and performance of each.

This one though has cost around $3000 and we dread to think how much he’s spent to date on the thrill offering gizmos. Mansheng is normally a farmer in his ‘other life’ and has so far made a trial flight in the Flying Circle which looks like it was undertaken whilst the craft was attached via secure methods to the ground below.

Probably just as well really, as he might have just gone up, up and away and not returned during this initial ten second flight.

The ride could get decidedly choppy though as the basket piece that holds the pilot looks precarious. In cases of failure, this would leave the driver falling straight into the staged motor whizzing of the propeller pieces and they would chop, dice and process all in one!

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