Brain Power Game, the Mindflex Duel


Mindflex Duel - Game with your brainWell, if you’re interested in setting up a brainy tournament or challenge with friends, colleagues and family, then the Mindflex Duel is surely going to excite the little grey cells in your quest for glory. Yes, in all its magnificence, this is Star Trek technology, here today.

The Mindflex enables its users to concentrate as hard as possible on an included ball, whilst the headset cleverly interprets brainwaves using EEG technologies to manoeuvre the ball. Sounds a bit geeky really and time will most definitely tell if the gadget ultimately lives up to its promises.

Don’t lose your mind playing this though, because you’re going to need as clear a train of thought as can possibly be mustered up when wearing the headband piece.

Focus hard and the amazing EEG on offer will enable participants to try and win the game by raising the sphere and attempting to move it to the other side of the field, into the opposition’s half.

Dropping your concentration will make the ball drop, so be sure to keep your brain entirely focused!

The kit of the Mindflex Duel comes available at a decent price of around $110, which provides two headsets pieces, four balls on offer as well as lots of other bits and pieces in the box.

Whilst the price might not break the bank your head is at risk of cracking up, so be warned! Pit your wills against the enemy and see if you can mentally win through as battery power in the headsets and console helps you to control the ball movements.

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