Windows Tablet, Skytab S Series


Skytex S series Tablet PCWhen tablets were first launched a couple of years ago, they had PC manufacturers scrambling. What is now clear is that it’s a tablet eat tablet world out there. Many players have fallen by the wayside.

Apple’s iPad continues to be dominant, slugging it out with the growing number of tablets powered by Google’s Android operating system.

It is into this market that Skytex Technology has launched their offering, the Skytab S series tablet. They hope to target that segment of potential tablet users which is not used to iOS or Android, but are comfortable with Windows 7.

Powered by Intel’s dual core Atom N550 processor, the Skytab S series tablet uses the EXO UI to deliver superior touch-friendly features and apps. The 9.7” capacitive multi-touch display is capable of recognising up to 4 points of touch.

The 4:3 aspect ratio makes the display screen large enough for conveniently editing documents. This also makes it easy to read e-books if that’s something you plan to use your tablet for.

The Skytab S series is not just about looks. With 2GB of DDR3 RAM, it has plenty of processing power too. If you’re the type that needs to make presentations, and are weary of lugging your heavy laptop around, this tablet may just be what you need.

Use the HDMI out connection to project your slides, and the built-in 1.3 megapixel camera and microphone, to make video calls. The Skytab S tablet will start being shipped next month, and you can pre-book it right now.

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