Noisy Monsters for Halloween, Stretch Screamers


Stretch ScreamersTired of nosy office colleagues who just seem to be waiting to stop by your desk and play with your toys? Well, this may be your lucky day. This Halloween, get yourself some StretchScreamers. Functionally, they’re designed to be stress balls.

You know, those balls made of spongy material that you squeeze and squeeze when you are under stress? Well, stress balls just got better.

The StretchScreamers are designed to look like Frankenstein, Mummy or Ghoul characters. Place them on your table at work and wait for those nosy colleagues to show up.

When they ask you what they are, honestly tell them that they are stress balls. Let them pick up one of the StretchScreamers and give it a gentle, or perhaps, not-so-gentle squeeze. But be prepared for them to get shocked at the bloodcurdling howl that the character emits.

In the process, they may get even more scared and hence, stressed. But you don’t care, do you? You wanted them to learn their lesson, right?

The good news is that the StretchScreamers can withstand fairly significant squeezing. Even better, in just a few moments, they’re back to their original shape, ready and waiting for the next unsuspecting hand to mess with them.

Each character has its very own pop-out item, like an eyeball or brain. Decidedly, these stress balls are not for the squeamish. But if you’re not averse to squeezing a few brains or eyeballs out of the character’s heads, maybe you should seriously consider spending £22.99 to buy one.

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