Party Tank, the Panzer Soundtank


Panzer SoundtankThe Panzer Soundtank is here. Not surprisingly, some DJs have been seen running for cover. As a concept, it’s essentially a platform that integrates and houses all the equipment DJs use to crank up the music at parties.

It has a battery of speakers, drum machines and all the other digital equipment and controls a good DJ needs to ply his, or her, trade. It is, to describe its functional terms, a sound system. But describing it in such clinical terms does it distinct disservice.

Designed by German designer Nik Nowak, the Panzer Soundtank is a unique piece of equipment. What gives the Panzer Soundtank its name is that is inspired by a military tank and it’s even built like one. It is constructed on a flatbed that runs on tracks similar to what army tanks run on and has a seat for the driver, who can actually navigate the Soundtank.

The clever design allows the part of the tank on which the eleven powerful speakers are mounted to be raised and lowered, rather like a piece of earthmoving equipment that ‘tips’ forward to dump soil and debris into a waiting truck.

Watching it even on the video is so awe-inspiring! It has its own engine and you can actually drive it, albeit at a slow speed. But then, even military tanks can’t match cars for their speed, can they?

Uber cool, uber monstrous. If you’re one of those betting types and spot a Panzer Soundtank in your neighbourhood, I’d suggest you put some money on the fact that whichever party it is going to be used in, will be one loud party!

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