Dragon APX Frameless Goggles


Dragon APX Frameless GogglesIt used to be said that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Maybe that paradigm is going to change, because the Dragon APX frameless ski goggles have been launched.

These ski goggles give you both style and functionality. They are state-of-the art and offer superior protection. The APX goggles protect you not just against snow and wind, but from the glare of sunlight as well.

This is important because even sunlight that reflects off snow has UV rays that can cause serious damage to eyes.

As a consummate skier, you’ve always been looking for ways to lighten your overall weight as you go up the slopes and when you’re whizzing down the slopes, you want to minimise drag.

The Dragon APX frameless goggles are, as the name so aptly describe them, frameless. That reduces bulk, which is a huge advantage, as any skier will agree.

The APX has face-hugging triple-layer foam surround on the inside, unlike lesser goggles. They also have an all-lens appearance, which makes them look quite distinctive. All the better to go with your personality, my dear!

The Dragon APX frameless goggles also have other features, such as super anti-fog, optically correct lenses. It is compatible with helmets and these super snazzy goggles are available in a range of colours too.

They offer superior peripheral vision as well, are tested in Southern Colorado, and have performed superbly in varying snow conditions. All these features come at a price of $160.00 (£154.99)

There are cheaper goggles to be sure, but do you want to take a chance?

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