Willcom WX03A, World’s Smallest Camera Phone


WX03A Small PhoneSo, if titchy tiny and miniscule is your thing, then look no further than the smallest camera phone which will soon be available from December onwards.

The petite, Japanese manufactured Willcom WX03A camera phone is so small and compact, it could make the team over at Guinness World Records sit up and take attention like they have with other comparable technology.

The WX03A device is reportedly now sitting amongst the elite of other similar phones and easily holds it own as being incredibly small and light within its dimensions.

Working in tandem with the PHS set of standards (Personal Handy-Phone System) this phone isn’t going to be very likely to hit the US or European markets very soon as PHS has chiefly been used in primary locations of Taiwan, China and Japan, where it was first developed in 1989.

PHS gave the market an easy way to give an alternative to the more commonly known GSM technology. The Willcom carrier is the last remaining supporter of the PHS system in Japan, so if you want to get your hands on this, make sure you’re in the area before you make a call!

So, size is everything then it seems here, as you’ll almost need a magnifying glass to see the 7cm x 3.2cm x 1.5cm gadget on offer and don’t sneeze as you may blow the featherweight 40g piece right off the table.

If you have large hands and chunky dialling fingers then trying to use the included ten keys on this device which is tinier than an average box of minty sweets is going to be tough.

The WX03A proudly struts its stuff with a OLED display of 1 inch size and can be powered up from an USB port, micro in size of course, which gives the battery up to two hours of yacking time and standby power of 300 hours.

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