Nikon 1 Micro Camera, Small and Powerful


Nikon 1 Micro CameraThe team over at Nikon have been causing quite a scene again with their new Nikon 1 micro camera which has recently been announced at an Australian based gala. It comes boasting a rather powerful 10.1 mpx CMOS sensor of 13.2×8.88mm dimensions inside a camera that isn’t just restricted to still images either. It houses the capability to shoot 1080p films, whilst also being able to multi-task and take stills at the same time which can be snapped at 10fps.

Movies can be admirably recorded at a mode of 320×120 pixels and 1200 frames per second capability which to gather the slow motion clip shots sometimes required is a perfect partner. The Nikon 1 clan consists of various model types on offer and first up to the fray is the Nikon J1 which is the cheapest offering that includes kit lens, priced at $650 and has been constructed for the avid and average photographer who loves to be snap happy. The J1 has an auto-focusing capability and low-light levels of ISO 100-6400.

Next comes the more expensive Nikon V1 at a price tag of $900, also featuring a kit lens on offer but this is a more complex bit of gadgetry on offer. Available with a flash shoe and high-res view finding capability which is electronically operated, the near-pro or professional photographer will enjoy using this piece. It also offers a shutter that’s mechanically controlled and has a better resolution than the cheaper J1 model.

To fit on either, four different lenses can be mounted and the pricing is pretty realistic on these, so don’t have any heart stopping moments just yet! Availability centres around the VR 10-30mm (f/3.5-5.6), the f/3.8-5.6 of the VR 10-110mm priced at $250, the identically valued VR 10mm f/2.8 and the most expensive VR 10-100mm (f/4.5-5.6 PD-Zoom) that busts the wallet wide open at $750. Kit is hopefully available to buy near the end of the year as it hits the shelves around the world.

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