HTC Rhyme, Android Phone for Girls


HTC Rhyme for GirlsLet’s hear it for the girls then, as HTC appear to be engaged in a mercilessly sexist release here as the HTC Rhyme for Girls is now bathing in the HTC limelight.

Whilst the HTC Rhyme hasn’t been tagged with a deliberately female naming, it was intended to be released under a now-ditched description of the ‘HTC Bliss’ which could be decidedly feminine to all you testosterone bristling chaps!

HTC though have fast built a reputation for quality, design and feature filled handsets and the HTC Rhyme is sure to impress with its 3.7 inch screen size that can be operated via touch capability within its Super LCD design.

Under the crisp display of 800×480 resolution, a welcome block of touch sensitive buttons are displayed in typical HTC style and layout. Flip the phone over to discover a camera with integrated LED flash that has 5MPX quality, auto-focusing ability and shutters that operate instantly.

Available to buy in a rather glamorously named trio of colours that consists of Hourglass, Plum and Clearwater, the HTC Rhyme has a 1GHz heart beat in its powerful processor and is ably partnered with 768MB RAM, plus a sizeable 4GB of storage held internally (upgradeable via microSD).

The HTC Rhyme appears to be a little neater in its home screen location and has a handy quintet set of accessible shortcut buttons situated down the left hand side of this Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth enabled gadget.

If you’re the flashy type, there is a light producing ‘cube’ which neatly fits to the phone that can provide an alerting presence when calls or texts are received and if you lose the Rhyme within your bag or belongings, then let the light guide you to find your gizmo!

A docking station is also included which has built in speakers operating from bluetooth and also handily acts as an alarm clock and music centre whilst charging up the Rhyme at the same time.

So, there you go then, can you think of any rhyme or reason not to get your hands on the HTC Rhyme when it’s released in the UK on 17th October?

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