Tron Bike, Electric Lightcycle from the Parker Brothers


Tron BikeFans who fondly hold memories of the previously released TRON lightcycle motorcycles that were produced by the infamous Parker Brothers customising team, will rub their hands in absolute glee at the news that the tasty TRON range is back in town.

Strutting its stuff in a very green, eco-friendly manner, the brand new electrified TRON lightcycle is a must have for any self-respecting eco warrior. Its run by a nifty little 96 volt motor that’s electric in its origin and takes direct juice required from a cluster of lithium-ion battery packs.

Previous incarnations were all consuming oil and fuel monsters and so the electric release is sure to be an instant hit with many admirers of the TRON.

Speed doesn’t suffer either just because it draws its power from an electric base, hence speed-hungry freaks will be comforted to know that a top speed in excess of 100MPH can be achieved.

Bike use is good for around 100 miles which is covered by a single full battery charging that takes just over half an hour to do at the most, which is great if you’re pressed for time.

Space-age fashion is most definitely in too, as the Electric TRON Lightcycle will also come bursting with light around the frame and wheels which can simply be illuminated via an integrated switch mechanism.

The bike is still to be transformed into a mode of transport that can legally be used on the road and at the moment it’s only really intended for a lighter, occasional use.

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