iPhone 5 Release Date

| September 25, 2011 | Comments

Well iPhone 3 users seem to be getting more extinct by the day and as for the iPhone 4, well that will soon also go out of fashion rather rapidly, as the iPhone 5 is set to hit the scene when it’s released from fruity Apple HQ, possibly in early October 2011.

The news that’s been leaked unofficially from Apple by an employee is that the iPhone 5 in all its glory will soon be available. We can only hope that the responsible employee isn’t nabbed, as we’re sure his apple days are numbered!

Still, all this could be a rumour after all and Apple steadfastly remain tight lipped over the whole affair. Recently we have heard news that the iPhone 5 won’t be released until 2012 due to manufacturing issues, this would severely bruise the joy of Apple fanatics eager to get their ears next to the new iPhone family member, but this will bring new hope to their worlds that’s for sure.

The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly bring a whole new flourish with new technological bells and whistles on offer, including the newly presented iOS5 interfacing integration.

What other triumphs will the new iPhone bring? Well, we’ll simply have to wait and see, patience is a virtue that’s for sure and whether it gets fitted with a larger screen, more sophisticated hardware, 4G LTW networking capability or other breathtaking features that will add to Apple’s street cred, watch this space for more info!

If all goes to plan and the new iPhone offering is unmasked for the world to see as predicted, no. 5 in the line up could soon be on sale around the third week of October and hopefully will provide a potential Christmas present in many a Santa’s bag!