Robotic Ball from Sphero, Control with your iPhone


Sphero Robotic BallIf you’re seeking something just that little bit different to the run of the mill remote control car, then look no further than the Orbotix Sphero Ball which is more than just a glowing spherical affair, as it can actually be manipulated via the innovative use of smartphone installed applications.

By installing the required app on a handy Android based gadget or to an iPhone, then the sky might literally not be the limit one day as the Sphero can be controlled at will, just don’t scare the neighbour’s cat with it though!

The ball connects itself to the chosen device through a pairing over bluetooth technology. It can then be cleverly controlled by the operator of the app that sits on a smartphone and can be manipulated at will, whilst glowing with an almost alien-like presence.

Included within the package that will retail at around $130.00 to customers in the US during 2011, is the Sphero orb itself, a charger of induction design and a whole ton of games that can be downloaded at will as required.

One game is particularly of note for this impressive device and the ‘Draw and Drive’ application on offer means the Sphero owner can sketch lines of any shape or design on the handheld operating device and the Sphero will follow the lead and match the drawing perfectly.

In future you’ll be able to stage racing tournaments against your friends and office colleagues, have a swinging time with Sphero Golf, splatter virtually real zombie-types using the ‘Zombie Ball’ and even pit your wits against feline friends with the Kitty Cam!

Available to pre-order around November 2011 from the site and on the shelves sometime during 2012 for standard purchasing.

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