Google Wallet: How it Works


Google Wallet - How it WorksThe innovative folks over at Google HQ have been at it again and undoubtedly are making a lot of money while they help others to manage their finances!

Google has recently unveiled its initial Google Wallet app, which is a tremendous leap towards the actual realisation of NFC (near field communication) capability.

Basically, NFC gives anyone the ability to purchase items electronically by a simple gesture of waving their phone device at a closely situated scanning piece, the phone doesn’t even have to physically touch the scanner as is in traditional scanning methods.

Tablets or smartphones kitted out with a chip of NFC design would also be able to act as an identification card, key mechanism opener or indulge in a little bit of flexible-friend credit card use.

The first app use has been released to partner with Sprint and it will soon be available to all the Sprint Nexus S 4G phones in circulation and a wireless air update can apply the new ‘Wallet’ app to devices if chosen by owners.

It currently is compatible with MasterCard and Citi providers and in the near future, the wallet will also be functional with American Express, Discover and Visa, just don’t get too scan happy and blow your bank account!

The Google Wallet currently enables use of a double set of credit cards – The Google Prepaid Card and Citi MasterCard offerings.

When users see the correct symbol at a checkout facility, the phone can be activated and a PIN protected safe payment can be made via a secured operation using the virtually based credit cards stored on the smartphone device via a secure microchip.

No more carrying plastic around then it seems and hopefully gone are the days when bent credit cards no longer work after you’ve accidentally crushed them in your back pocket!

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