Night Vision Fun for Kids, the Night Vision Monocular


Night Vision for KidsLooking more from the set of the newest James Bond movie, the Night Vision for Kids gadget is a must have accessory for spies-in-training and is sure to enable children of all ages with the ability to see in the dark, just like your moggy does.

Be careful what you peek at though as in the non-daylight hours anything could be lurking and once the depths of the dusk have revealed themselves to you, there’s no turning back!

Priced at just under $70, the night vision capable optically enabled instrument lets its users see objects in the dark via a single lense and cleverly operates using an infra-red type of LED technology that is often successfully used within expensive security cameras installed within the home and business premises.

Certainly not on a comparable expense level with high tech CCTV, but these are a whole lot of fun that’s for sure and the quintet of LEDs help to shed light on anything viewed within a distance of 50′ from the viewer.

Just be careful where you let the kids play with the Night Vision though, as creeping into your bedroom with their gadget may catch you with your trousers down, literally!

The Night Vision Monocular piece can give all the capability for wannabe night-hawks to move around with grace, ease and ghost-like precision, this nifty piece of kit will prevent any knocking shins on tables that are blackened out against their surroundings!

It can also be used in the daytime when a setting has been easily changed from the night mode and powered by 4 AA batteries, won’t cost the earth to run either – just make sure you’re over 8 years old before use!

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