Electric Bike, PAS Brace-L Charges onto the Scene


PAS Brace L Electric BikeOK, time to get on your bike and get pedalling as the new PAS Brace-L Electric Bike, with its ever-so catchy title is now making quite a name for itself within the climates of Japan after its first release in 2010.

This latest offering is actually the revamped and feature added bicycle from last year’s release and the Yamaha company with rather a lack of inventiveness has kept the same ‘PAS Brace-L’ name. Mhmm, perhaps the marketing team were out for a bite of sushi at the time?

Well, this lack of creativity certainly hasn’t dulled Yamaha’s skill and imagination when it comes to features though. The bike comes fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack of 8.1Ah/25.2V capability which it’s possible to charge up and flatten to around 900 uses before it needs a replacement, which when compared to the 2010 released bicycle is double the capability.

Set aside four spare hours and you’ll get a full charging of the batteries which will then help power your trip anywhere you wish to travel with assistance as required.

Standard use gets 36km worth of help, powered mode enables 31km and the very green sounding auto-eco option will enable riders to acquire a whopping 47km of power to help save tired legs.

The PAS Brace-L is also an intelligent piece of kit as by utilising the S.P.E.C.8 system on board it keeps a close eye on the rider and how they ride their bike and apply gear changes, then making adjustments to how much or little electrified help is automatically provided.

Yamaha boast too that the bicycle will also display real time information on how much travelling assistance remains within the battery as it tracks the selected bike mode and battery power left in reserve.

Available to get your feet on now, the 23.5kg bicycle can be picked up at just under $2000.

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