Dunhill Biometric Wallet, Best Finger Forward


Dunhill Biometric WalletWell, if you’re splashing the cash about just that little bit too much and need some additional safeguarding, then the Dunhill Biometric Wallet could be just the solution you’re looking for.

Beware though, this sleek ‘n sexy little wallet doesn’t come cheaply and will blow your available budget cleanly away, in one easy purchase.

Priced at a lofty $825 (£570), the Biometric Wallet is probably a must-have accessory for those who light cigars with rolled money notes and if you’ve got enough wad to stash away in it after shelling out for the gadget, its included features will protect your money with incredible robustness.

With integrated biometric features of security that are cleverly encapsulated within the wallet casing that’s made of incredibly sturdy carbon fibre, the Dunhill Wallet sounds rather like a prop from a ‘Town Called Eureka’.

Opening the Biometric casing can only be achieved when an available finger (which is hopefully attached to its owner at the time) is pressed up against the wallet to produce an open sesame action. If the wallet detects something is wrong, it will shut up shop rather like Arkwright’s vicious cash till in ‘Open All Hours’.

The piece also comes featuring a bluetooth capability built in which will also cleverly talk to any other bluetooth enabled gizmo and if parted from its connection pairing or stolen by a mugger it will trigger alarm sounding alerts when going over a distance parting of five metres.

When divided via illegal means in this case, the wallet is going to let you know in no uncertain terms, but could be more than a tad annoying if you keep wallet and phone apart at home further than a distance of 5 metres.

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