Waterproof iPad Case, from Simplism


Simplism Waterproof iPad CaseThe iPad has made connectivity on the move convenient and easy. But unlike conventional mobile phones, it is too large to be slipped into one’s pocket.

Such evasive action can become necessary when it starts raining or snowing and you’re outside. After all, we don’t want our iPad getting messed up due to moisture, do we?

The waterproof iPad case by Simplism is meant precisely for such situations. It is made of neoprene, which is waterproof. The neoprene is transparent, and so access to the iPad screen is quite easy.

Two inner zips made of vinyl and a velcro strip further help to keep water out. The case has a shoulder strap as well, so that if you’re wearing a raincoat and walking in the rain, your iPad can get additional protection.

But it’s not just about protection from the rain. Water spills and splashes can just as easily occur inside your bathroom and that morning cuppa too might just slip as you dunk the biscuit in! As electronic gadgets don’t distinguish between rainwater and water from the shower or the faucets in your bathroom, even the latter can damage the circuitry inside the gadget.

In fact, even repeated exposure to condensation or moisture after a warm shower can harm your prized possession. Which is why if you like listening to music inside the bathroom, a waterproof case is a good thing to have.

According to the information available on Simplism’s web site, its waterproof iPad case is available in the Netherlands and Belgium in Europe. Of course, it is also available in the US, Mexico, Australia and several South East Asian countries.

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