Model Lamborghini Aventador, Auction Starting at 4.7 Million Dollars


Model Lamborghini 4.7 MillionPeople with lots of money to spend are known to splash hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury goods like islands, expensive homes, jewellery, fancy cars and gadgets. Economic growth in parts of the world is producing more and more millionaires. Not surprisingly, there are now newer ways to display your wealth.

A one-of-a-kind model Lamborghini Aventador created by Robert Gülpen is all set to become one such symbol. You’ve been collecting model cars since you were maybe eight years of age. So what’s the big deal, you ask.

Let’s just say that this model car will cost you a wee bit more than what you might imagine. Built painstakingly by Robert over 500 hours of effort, the price tag is $4.8 million. And yes, that’s US dollars and again, that’s million.

To put it in perspective, a real Lamborghini Aventador costs $754,600. That means that the model will cost at least six times the real thing. Now that you have caught your breath, let me explain the main reason for the price differential. The model car is encrusted with precious metals and stones, whose cost is estimated at over $2.7 million.

That still leaves Robert with close to $2 million to cover his labour and overheads. Not bad for a couple of months of work, is it?

If you’re interested, this model car is coming up for auction at Sotheby’s. The starting bid is €3.5 million (equivalent to about $4.8 million).

But remember it’s an auction. So your actual tab may be higher, given prevailing exchange rate volatility, and who else is interested.

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