Star Wars Operation Board Game


Star Wars OperationIt’s just over 3 months to Christmas and this is about when people like us start thinking of what gifts we buy for our loved ones.

Truth be told, I start making lists of what I’d like to receive too. Well, at least I’m honest enough to admit it! With many new gadgets and toys expected to be released before the holiday season, deciding what to buy will definitely not be an easy task.

As a potential gift-giver or at least, gift-buyer, your choice is likely to become even more difficult if your child has inherited your fanatical affection for anything related to Star Wars.

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, you’ll probably be keen to read on to find out more about Star Wars Operation, the latest in a long and venerated list of merchandise inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars movie that was first released almost 35 years ago.

Star Wars Operation from Hasbro is designed for kids over 6 years. Of course, you could show your child how to play it, and relive all those moments of joy.

The game involves attending to R2-D2’s injuries, including “a pain in the neck”, “a bad memory module” and an “overweight glob of grease”. What makes this edition more attractive to kids are the “realistic sound effects” incorporated.

If you or your children do not have the faintest idea about what kinds of sounds a sick droid makes, well, there’s just one way to find out. You can buy Star Wars Operation for US$29.99.

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