RubberToe Rayguns


RubberToe RaygunsAs recently as a few days ago, there were reports of UFO sightings. Maybe they were the advance guard from an alien community doing a recce on earth, to find out if it’s a nice picnic spot or a halt during their intergalactic flights.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind sharing our planet with aliens, except that I worry about them grabbing a mile if they’re given an inch. Now, there are earthlings who do the same, but that’s not the point.

The point is that we need the right kind of weapons to keep these aliens at bay. What better than RubberToe Rayguns to achieve this objective? This entire family of ray-guns is made by Nicholas Robatto, the famous prop maker. In fact, it might interest you to know that the same Mr Robatto also designs the props for the Doctor Who show.

There are 9 ray-gun models available from RubberToe Rayguns, each with its own back-story and functional description, so that you know what each of these weapons can do to aliens. After all, it wouldn’t do to use the wrong ray-gun, would it?

You can buy acrylic versions as well, but they don’t look quite as classy as those hand-made limited-edition pieces. In fact, you can even special order a Clockwork Vaporiser made of brass, along with which you’ll even get a certificate of authenticity.

Each model of RubberToe Rayguns can cost you anything between US $375 and US $860. Money well spent on protecting you and your family from aliens, wouldn’t you say?

See the full Raygun line-up Here

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