Coin Sorting Bank, the Sort-o-matic


Sort-o-matic Coin BankBenjamin Franklin is credited with several pithy sayings that are relevant even today. The Sort-o-matic Coin Bank seems to have been inspired by two of his better-known aphorisms: a penny saved is a penny earned; and everything must have a place and everything must be in its place.

The Sort-o-matic Coin Bank is basically a piggy bank. But its similarity with a conventional piggy bank ends with the fact that both are containers into which your child can put coins and learn to save money.

The Sort-o-matic Coin Bank automatically organises the coins put in it into columns of various denominations, unlike an old-fashioned piggy bank, where all the coins just sit inside the piggy’s tummy.

If you needed some money from an old-fashioned piggy bank, well, you either had to break it or shake out all the coins via an opening at the base. The Sort-o-matic Coin Bank makes taking money out much easier, because it has a dispenser.

All your child needs to do is to select how many coins of what denomination s/he wants and press the dispenser. Voila, the Sort-o-matic Coin Bank dispenses the right number of coins.

The Sort-o-matic Coin Bank is available in pink and blue. It is priced at US$9.99. It’s an ideal gift to teach children the value of money, the joy of saving up for a period of time so they have enough to buy what they want to, and of course, to help them with their counting lessons. When you use coins, even arithmetic can become fun.

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