Vengeance K60 & K90 FPS Keyboards and Mice


Vengeance KeyboardsGamers get ready to drool, but please avoid getting this sleek ‘n sexy Corsair Vengeance Keyboard all sticky, as you might live to never experience it’s sheer performance enhancing capabilities!

The new offerings from Corsair consist of a package that provide both mandatory keyboard and much needed mouse technology which are designed with gaming needs very much within their epicentre.

Built from a strong casing that is made from light aluminium, they also feature an almost edible looking set of Cherry MX switch mechanisms that are passionately coloured in red.

To avoid erratic finger and hand thumping on the keys, the K60 keyboard has a special contour style design of WASD origin that also benefits from a texture coating, alongside glowing, and slightly lifted up red 1-6 keycaps.

To soothe tired gaming wrists, the included resting pad is also going to be an attractive option to use over long game playing hours. Both the pair of K60 and K90 keyboards feature a clever bit of ‘anti-ghosting’ technology which will ensure that if more than one key is depressed, response timings are still ultra fast at 1ms.

The K90 is of larger design and houses eighteen keys that can be programmed (situated within the left hand location) and glows with LED lighting built into the rear of the keyboard.

The rather robotic looking and somewhat chunky mice have also been designed by Corsair to perfectly match the keyboards on offer. The pair give fast 5700 DPI response, also built in aluminium and feature a heftily built scrolling wheel.

To snipe away with ease, the K60 features a sniper feature and the M90 has a massive 15 button set that can be programmed up to meet your specific needs!

The K60 is priced at around $110, with paired mouse of $70 and the K90 is a bit more expensive at $130, with its mousy offering costing $80.Vengeance K60 K90 FPS Keyboard & Mice

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