Pedal Powered Forklift, Get the Job Done


Pedal Powered ForkliftBob The Builder, can he fix it? He sure can! Well, if Bob is given the brand new and rather nifty looking fork lift truck which not only is pedal powered, will also help save the world.

Well, not literally save the word single-handedly, but you get the idea as this very green eco-friendly, human powered forklift toy is surely going to delight ankle biters all over the world.

Made by the parent friendly and builder types who live over at Hammacher Schlemmer, this fork lift gadget is a must have for any aspiring kids who want to start their lifting career early in life.

Possibly suitable for adults too who knows, but the very strong and child-resistant plastic that the fork lift is constructed from might survive adult play as well as offering hours of fun and entertainment to eager children.

The fork lift pieces are operated via the hands and can be cranked up and down as required, ably lifting up to around half a stone in weight (so, don’t sit on the platform, you’ve been warned!).

Just perfect for shifting around inconvenient and heavy household items, whilst at the same time keeping the kids occupied in educational playtime.

The tallest children (or adults) aren’t going to fit inside the Hammacher Schlemmer toy and you’ll need to be under the stipulated 55 inch requirement to get on board and ensure 110 pounds isn’t exceeded on the toy, or it could buckle.

With a chassis attached pricing of around $320 (£200) this doesn’t come cheaply, so perhaps Bob could be persuaded to do a little overtime first before lifting the wallet to purchase.

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