Food Allergen Detector


Food Allergen DetectorMillions of people from all kinds of backgrounds live with the issue and problems that food allergies bring them everyday.

For some the consequences of eating something dodgy to their system is just an irritation, for others it’s a very serious business that can be fatal in the very worst of allergy cases.

The brand new and we hope pretty tasty, Food Allergen Detector that’s on the cards from Erik Borg will hopefully ease the problem that many people who have an allergy to food experience. Whilst it’s still on the drawing board, it could hopefully become a reality soon.

At the moment the only really sure way to check out a person’s possible allergies to food is to systematically test them with each of the suspected foodstuffs one by one.

Various methods exist from keeping food diaries of the products consumed and recording any adverse reactions, to having loads of potential allergens pasted unceremoniously up an arm which gives an often more rapid or accurate result.

The conceptually based Food Allergen Detector will possibly end all this mucking about and make life much more bearable for those who manage a food allergy in their lives. This thing would automatically sniff out possible food products that cause allergies instantly.

Working on a traffic light system it would give a visual indicator of green or red to alert the user of a double-quartet of most often seen problematic foods such as peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, tree nuts or those pesky little shellfish.

Time will tell if the now tickled taste buds will actually be served up with the detector if it’s made commercial and we can only hope it will become a reality for those who live with a food allergy issue.

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