Dyson Hot, Heat your Room with Jet Engine Technology


Dyson HotThe very forward-thinking and clever team from over at vacuum-HQ, known as Dyson has been sucking up a plethora of new ideas lately.

Discarding the cobwebs from brains and arriving with the brand new Dyson Hot. Most often known for their innovative bag-less vacuum cleaners, Dyson is also pretty nifty when it comes to other products too, ones that don’t just keep your house spick and span.

The Dyson Hot uses already constructed Dyson expertise to provide an Air Multiplier Fan, which if you’ve not seen before will literally blow you away with its incredibly safe to use, bladeless technology.

Gone are the days of getting your fingers trapped in broken fan blades spraying blood all over the office wall as you attempt to fix the broken casing, as the Air Multiplier gives a very exact fan that can be precisely directed just where you need it most.

Dyson’s revamped multiplier fan that was released previously as a cold-only version is now experiencing an identity crisis. The new Dyson Hot is basically the previously released fan that has a heating element chucked into the works.

This gives it heated capabilities which can offer a temperature setting for any room between 1 – 37 degrees C. It’ll also tune into your surroundings to accurately maintain a given temperature turning itself on and off intuitively.

You can’t burn your bits on the Dyson Hot either as the heating portion is carefully slotted away from harms way and gone are the stinky days where dropping your sarnie on the heater produces burnt toast.

The casing remains cooler to touch too and fear not, your carpet won’t burn if it gets knocked over, it will automatically switch off. Priced at around $400 (£270), the hot stuff can be purchased from October onwards within the UK. How Dyson Hot Works

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