RC Dinosaurs, Battle it Out


RC Battling Robot DinosaursThose who were hiding under the sofa when Jurassic Park hit the screens, please look away now! As clip-clopping onto a lounge carpet near you is the R/C Battling Robot Dinosaur that’s now available to buy at around $40.00 and could provide a perfect solution for those hard to buy for relatives this Christmas.

Mr Rex can be controlled by the supplied sturdy looking keypad device and operators can enjoy hours of endless tyrannical fun as the battling robot wars begin!

Engage and interact with the monster as the R/C Battling Robot Dinosaur is packed with different modes available, some of which you can literally just put your feet up with and watch from the sidelines.

Pair old Dino up with another friendly foe or fearsome Battling Robot and you can be entertained with a ring side seat while they go head to head and utilise infrared beams to carefully locate one another.

A pair of R/C robots can seek and attempt to destroy each other and via the hunting mode they will skilfully locate another of the species, all depending on your sadistic mood at the time.

For lonesome single dinosaurs, they can be heartily engaged in room defence responsibilities so anyone who dares to get in his (or her) way will be greeted with a furore of scary dinosaur noises and furious circling by the little chap.

Offering a perfect solution for those who are bored with their age-old remote controlled cars and David Brent would most certainly approve of you taking this to work in The Office.

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