Opel One Euro, an Impressive 1 Euro for 100 km


Opel One EuroIn case you didn’t know, Opel used to be the international badge of the renowned and infamous Vauxhall group who originally hailed from the climate of ‘Luton Airport’ country.

Now, years later from their origins from glamorous Luton, Opel are as strong as ever. Electrifying our senses and delighting our gear changes, Opel are never a car manufacturer to stand still and their new offering of the Opel One Euro will introduce the electric car possibilities to the world as the global stocks of oil continue to be plundered and dwindle away.

The decidedly techy, but somewhat sleekly presented Opel One Euro will be able to hold a passenger as well as the needed driver of the vehicle, even if it can’t overly impress with its available speed.

The name of this dazzling little number hails from its ability (they claim) to travel for one hundred kilometres just at the cost of a single Euro, that’s got to be a thrifty journey then!

Launched at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the vehicle is set up to deliver no emissions whatsoever and can make massive savings on what you would otherwise put in the tank, surely set to delight tree huggers and eco-friendly types everywhere.

Teenagers under the age of 17 can also drive the Opel One Euro and babes in arms as young as 16 can get behind the wheel and enjoy this mode of transport because of the nil emissions produced by the vehicle.

Nervous parents will hopefully be even able to set up parental controls on the Opel and restrict speed-hungry sons or daughters from exceeding a limit of 45 kilometres per hour, no speeding tickets there!

Weighing in at just around a third of the weight of a normal small car, bodybuilders may even be able to flip it over and it can reach a maximum speed of 120km/h when the accelerator is totally floored.

Let’s just hope when it’s released the price makes the Opel One Euro affordable to the masses.

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