Max Force Shadowhawk 100, Fires Paper Bullets


Max Force Shadowhawk 100Big kids who like guns are going to love this little (well, larger) number as storming into the viewfinder is the new £40.00 priced Max Force Shadowhawk 100.

Not only does it have an uber-cool name it also cleverly launches a barrage of squishy paper based ammunition against all your enemies and gun-touting friends.

The big sister to the manufacturers previous Max Force Maximiser 60, two hands are required to use this monster as it gives much more punch for your money in its burst of firepower available.

Take aim and fire then, immerse into the world of targeting your ammo within long-range fun. With a bit of spittle carefully placed on the paper made bullets, lock and load them and you’re set with the fire power you need.

Fun to use and safe until Uncle Bob gets hit in the eyeball, inside or outdoors, the Max Force Shadowhawk 100 is going to pass a few hours away for those who prefer to stay away from the messy business of paint balling.

Stage your own wars, arm your friends and go papering as you’re not going to save a few trees using this one, but it could be a perfect solution for stress busting and kicking up your heels after a long week in the office.

Just remember though, don’t take this to work on Monday morning and attempt to assassinate the boss by laying under the desk and aiming with the fold-away bi-pod feature, tracking colleagues isn’t good for work based promotion after all?!

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