HiMedia Android Media Player


Himedia Media PlayerRemember the days when all you’d ever have to connect to the box were the clumsy TV game consoles of the time offering a single tennis game?

Well, 1985 it isn’t anymore that you can be sure of and in today’s modern technological-filled world, the demands of the humble, but powerful computer are more and more.

Being able to use these on a massive screen that the goggle-box offers is more than desirable it seems.

Hastily hitting the scenes now is the Android built and operated Himedia Media Player which is going to offer new possibilities for those who demand convenience and accessibility to the other technologies around them.

It will offer the advantages of being able to use all your Android favourites like games from Angry Birds and other available apps all from the convenience of a big TV screen when it’s connected up.

The Himedia Media Player can be used to access and display all kinds of content from the internet and it can even do this via another computer which is located inside the house, making the possibilities of BitTorrent downloading and video or music streaming easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Connect the hardware up to the TV by use of the included connectors of HDMI, USB 3.0, gigabit Ethernet, composite, coax and optical audio – the Himedia Media Player is your key to plug ‘n play it seems.

For wire-haters, there is also a wireless model available and space to bung in a hard drive of your own if desired.

All this comes at only $160, which is a pretty darn good price tag for all the capabilities the Himedia Media Player offers.

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