iPhone for Babies, Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case


Laugh and Learn Apptivity CaseNow, whatever your opinions are about children having possession of a mobile phone aside, the prospect of hoards of babies tucking away an iPhone in their crib are more than just a little startling wouldn’t you think?

It seems Apple want to provide the fruit of their loins to the new born of the world too and get them hooked early on in life gaining lifetime customers for the future.

This might not be the apple of everyone’s eye that’s for sure, but now available at a thrifty $15 from October, the Laugh & Learn Apptivity case will transform a common or garden iPhone into a hard wearing, clunky little number that will also protect it from streams of baby sick or drooling infants.

Fisher-Price who are now a household name and have been entrusted carriers of children’s toys for many years as parents young and old will testify, have launched themselves into the modern world.

Their new add-on for an iPhone or iPod magically transforms the technology (without use of a magic bean) into a toy suitable for the cot and all young whipper-snappers aged six months and over.

In case baby gets bored with looking at iPhone snaps or listening to music, a handy set of teething rings is also included. It comes kitted out with a film protection area to keep slobber at bay and the rear of the case is secured against prying fingers.

Even if lobbed over the cot sides, the iPhone should be almost indestructible when encased in this toy accessory and babies can enjoy playing the many Fisher-Price applications such as Let’s Count Animals.

Possibly suitable for adults too then, as this kit could provide all the sturdy needs you require when on the go – we just wonder if it’s waterproof too in the bath tub?

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