Boats and Campers Unite, Sealander Amphibious Camper


Sealander Amphibious Camper WaterGet Jeremy Clarkson on your tail and you’ll know about it when towing the new 2012 scheduled Sealander Amphibious Camper, as the Top Gear caravan hating club will soon be speeding effortlessly by your hitched up number as they toot the horns of their petrol guzzling Jags and Porsches.

But, hang on a minute? This isn’t just any old caravan and we reckon it would be safe even from their clutches, no blowing up is going to happen here that’s for sure!

The sleek and sealed amphibious camping trailer from the buoyant team behind the Sealander have constructed this camping trailer to be able to float your days away on water, giving the joys of a boat and caravan all tied up in one.

A petite motor that runs from electricity provides the juice required to navigate the boat-caravan hybrid around as required and will also ensure you don’t get stranded in the middle of the North Sea.

Although on the bright side, if the Lifeguard does need to rescue you in this, inviting their team in for a quick cuppa wouldn’t be out of the question.

To prevent an embarrassing flip over experience, the camper has been ingeniously fitted with a pair of chamber sections that have been totally sealed from air, which neatly balances the craft upright.

All the usual needs of the die-hard camper can be catered for in the amphibious habitat, so eating, cooking, sleeping and cleaning facilities are all included. In case of boredom, you can also ease the time away with a quick swim or fishing hour.

Available at some point in 2012, the price will be about $20,000, so get saving now!

Sealander Amphibious Camper on the Road

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