Tornado Proof Homes, Futuristic Design


Tornado Proof HouseAs our world’s climate continues to change and the risk from the seemingly increasing tsunamis across the world appears to get even more ferocious, windy weather from hurricanes and tornados is more and more prevalent.

When these enormous weather events hit countries a lot of damage is sustained to the local area which results in total obliteration in some cases, so the need to offer protection to both people and homes is vital.

Clever architects from the 10 Design team based in Hong Kong are now designing a super solution to help safeguard life and lodgings in the shape of a house that literally buries its head into the ground when danger is on the horizon.

The building, which is operated via a set of hydraulic lever systems, is triggered by any winds in the area that are high speed and the house is therefore plonked into the ground to protect it.

Once under the earth, the roofing systems on top of the construction automatically lockdown making it wind and water resistant, sliding the Kevlar fibre shells of the house into safety.

In a design that wouldn’t look out of place on a Star Trek distant world such as Vulcan, the glossy and sleek lines of the house are certainly appealing and have a distinctly futuristic image.

The 10 Design crew think this is the way forward and could see strings of communities all linked up together with this housing option, living in designs that automatically act to protect inhabitants when an automatic weather sensor grid is activated.

Not a bad idea then, we’ll keep our heads down then to watch progress by the 10 Design mob.

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