Single Wheel Bike, the Ryno Micro-cycle


Ryno Micro CycleRiding around on a bicycle made for two? Well, certainly not in this case. Carrying a bike partner on the Ryno Micro-cycle really isn’t going to be a reality, unless of course a type of side-car could also be fitted at some point in the future.

This unicycle comes sporting a chunky muscular looking wheel and one could think via a casual glance that the powerful looking tread is going to launch itself into speeds of sub-100mph!

But, before you ditch the Harley Davidson in favour of going solo with this, you should know it only reaches a blistering speed of around 20mph.

OK, so you’re definitely not going to experience any g-force issues here, but the forward-thinking manufacturers who hail from Ryno Motors have created this snazzy bike with just a lone wheel, so get ready to balance your body.

You could be forgiven in thinking that the Ryno Micro-cycle is going to be a perfect solution for petrol heads everywhere as it really does look like it could burn a few gallons just by turning it on, but alas for petrol die-hards, this runs only on electricity.

It really does look like the remaining section of a chopped bike, but on the upside this mode of transport will give the user around thirty miles of travelling time just on a one-off charging and it could be a practical and ultra-green solution to many town or city travelling needs.

Ryno are still working like ferrets to deliver the Micro-cycle and soon they will be on the market at about $4,200 (£2,600) and for those desperate to saddle up now, spend $25,000 (£15,800) and you’ll get a special early model which will be a Limited Edition.

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