AMOLED Foldable Screen, Samsung’s Concept Smartphone


Samsung Concept Foldable PhoneRemember the first fold up mobile phones around that felt like a gold brick was in your trouser pocket as you clumsily fiddled around in an attempt to yank the device out for calls?

Well, it certainly seems that Samsung haven’t as rolling onto the scene is their idea of a brand new mobile that cleverly features a AMOLED (Active-matrix OLED) display section which neatly folds away.

This one is sure to stretch the minds of many and before you poo-pah the idea, tuck away your doubts for one moment and read on.

Bendy talk then is the name of the game here, as these clever chaps have given the foldable phone a rubbery case made of silicone which could well make it bounce if you accidentally drop it.

It also comes boasting a covering protection area made of glass and case of module design.

Samsung reckon that their foldable gadget’s case can experience a folding action thousands of times (100,000 to be precise) and won’t suffer any decrease in display quality until that point, which is just around a 6% decline.

Who’s going to quibble with 6% then it seems, when this kind of amount is barely a scratch on their display surface. Wrapped up within a popular clam design, these first prototypes could pave the way for the future as the smartphone continues to get more integrated, bigger and better.

Just flip open and roll that display away, simply activate and no double jointed expertise required!

The possible uses are never ending if this technology successfully hits the high streets and screens that permit folding over can be crammed just about absolutely anywhere!

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