Pioneer S-DJ05 Speakers Review


Pioneer S-DJ05 SpeakersPioneer have long since been known for their electronic gadgetry and wizardry within a technological market that’s extremely fierce, so they are no strangers to introducing new products and launching these successfully on a worldwide basis.

Their rather sexy looking and curvaceous S-DJ05 Speakers have recently been launched and will be added to the Pioneer ranks to help them continue with their quest for world domination. Priced at nearly $900 and available to get now, these aren’t cheap, but normally with Pioneer you get terrific quality for your dosh.

These lovely pair of condensed speakers has an incredible sound that emits from their well constructed units and provide excellence to all audio that reaches the ears.

Rather like the finest champagne and caviar, Pioneer has given these speakers an added bonus of quality and they can provide a bigger than average audio circumference which means literally more music pleasure is available.

This is magnificently achieved by the curvy waveguide section which means the S-DJ05 are excellent choices for the living room, music producers or to mobile DJs who want to reach out to the crowds!

Tucked in the body of these tasty speakers is a five inch woofer and the enclosure which handles the curved waveguide. This expertly manages the sound away from the tweeters housed in the units and provides a wide emission of sound.

All very techy stuff that’s for sure, but one thing you can bet on is a much better reception to the human ear of the high frequency range and lower bass noises.

An equalising feature is also included in the set up of the S-DJ05 Speakers which can allow much fiddling to take place to enable the very finest tuning.

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