Jam Wireless Networks with the Flying SkyNET Jamming Drone


SkyNET Jamming DroneAvid fans of the early Terminator movie will instantly recognise the term ‘Skynet’ as this was the artificially built intelligent computerised system that was first created and put into action by the company involved in defence, named ‘Cyberdyne Systems’.

It basically had full control over all the military and home computer systems and their technology, clever stuff eh.

In the movie, the Skynet replace slow human response times by controlling needed defensive modes in answer to attacking enemies.

Unlike the movie though, this SkyNET won’t come fully packed with a massive arsenal of guns and ammo at its disposal and is basically a Linux system, all cleverly boxed up and neatly made ready for flight via the Parrot A.R. Drone – who’s a pretty boy then?

Constructed with an impressive ability to glide around the air with comparative ease, it can fly within the circumference of any network operating within a wireless set up.

Then, if required or instructed the SkyNET instigates an electronic strike upon a wireless enabled area, effectively rendering the network dead as a Dodo bird.

The exploiters become the hacked with this innovative SkyNET drone which sounds pretty spooky to us. Consider as you peek through the curtains to be greeted by this gadget gliding and swooping over your house.

Let’s just hope then that the SkyNET which is constructed doesn’t attempt to gain full awareness of its reality and fully exterminate the human race as in The Terminator film!

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