Solar Tower in Arizona, Will be Capable of Powering 150,000 Homes


EnviroMission Solar Tower in ArizonaOK, if you suffer from heights, look away now please as we’re not going to be responsible if you start to feel just that little bit queasy!

The EnviroMission Solar Tower in Arizona is a new structure which is just beginning and the birth of construction is starting shortly within the dusty, hot Arizona desert climate.

EnviroMission, who have a pretty nifty name, are in the process of taking over the required land in the area and utilising specific engineering skills to get this monster sized tower of solar capability right up into the heavens.

The desert skyline will soon grace a tower that rockets up to over 800 metres, which when completed will make it a new addition to the tallest buildings around the globe.

Crucially, it will be able to provide around 200-megawatts of power and supply around 150,000 homes in the USA, operating in an environmentally friendly fashion for almost a century with very little upkeep required.

Solar Towers, like the monster that is being created, work by taking in sun rays from above which are stored within a greenhouse type of area at their base, hence the air gets super hot and then wants to shoot back up. Instead of allowing hot air (sounds like politicians) to go upwards and be released, it gets shoved into the tower section instead which have turbine controlled units to make electricity.

When actually constructed the total cost that would have been spent is around 750 million dollars which we think will probably be higher as most estimates normally are. The tower will provide up to 200 megawatts of energy and perform at around sixty percent of peak efficiency which is substantially better than other energy sources of renewable origin.

Buying the power from the tower is the Southern California Public Power Authority who is now tied in with a 30 year contract agreement. Heads up then to the skies for the construction start of the Solar Tower which is set for early 2015.

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