Powerful Gaming Laptops, MSI G Series


MSI G Series LaptopsThis one might make your eyes glow deep red in envy as you take in the glorious techy feel and gloss of the MSI G-series Laptops deep into your eyeballs. The recently available laptops by MSI are a double offering that feature NVIDIA’s new GPU capabilities, the GTX 570M and GeForce GTX.

They come in a 15.6 inch (MSI GT683DXR) model and a larger partner, the MSI GT780DXR which comes boasting a 17.3 inch sizing.

These new laptops are especially designed with dewy eyed gamers in mind but anyone looking to use a bit more punch will benefit as the NVIDIA GPUs that are placed in these beauties will not disappoint with their performances.

The metallic constructed MSI GT780DXR is snazzily built with aluminium and has a high definition display of just over 17 inches that won’t reflect even when playing on the sunny beaches of Spain. It has a strong pulse provided by an Intel Core i7 CPU with an included 16GB or 12GB of memory, that’s DDR3 built.

GT780DXR also boasts a 1.5TB disk drive, Blu-ray drive burning (an add-on), web cam and USB ports with a spooky keyboard which looks pretty cool when lit from behind and can be customised to suit.

Not be left on the sidelines though, the MSI GT683DXR has a similar HD display that will dazzle in clarity, a slightly more compact HDD of 1TB, all bundled via a 15.6 inch screen size and a keyboard that won’t glow and impress your friends. Upside is the GT683DXR will not weight heavily on the shoulders as the almost 8 pounds of tech won’t cause too many arm aches.

Both offerings include TDE capabilities (Turbo Drive Engine) that sounds very Porsche-like if you ask us and apparently provide a super charge of performing capabilities for graphics.

These are hot pieces and to keep them cool, the MSI Cooler Boost system comes fully into play whilst you sit back and enjoy the lovely sounds via the surround sound speakers with their fruity bass sub-woofer.

A price tag of just under $2000 (£1260) is attached to the GT780DXR that has all the bells and whistles ($1800 / £1140 for the Blu-ray omitted) and the GT683DXR is around $1850 (£1170).MSI G Series Laptops

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