Bat Signal Keychain, Batman Not Included


Batman Bat Signal KeychainKerpow! Kerthuuump! Pow! Yes Batman fans, don your batman cape, call in
Robin and tell him his tights are way too tight and get yourselves over to the bat cave for all the Batman-ish capers and jolly japes you can think of.

No, we’re not joking around and attempting to take that crown from The Joker (we wouldn’t dare) but if you have the need to send a signal to your flock of bats, then the Batman Bat Signal Keychain could be just the key to make those wings go all fluttery.

One for big kids or children and activating this gloriously metallic looking key ring might well have the desired effect of attracting all the bats in your local neighbourhood. It’s definitely convenient in its pocket size of three inches by a little over an inch and won’t bulge out your clothing too much.

The gizmo is based on the Bataranges that are famously deployed by Batman (actor Christian Bale in this case) to swiftly see off approaching enemies and are a mutant offspring between the words ‘boomerang’ and ‘bat’.

Simply operate the button on the keychain to emit the bat signal our bat friends, but beware all the dogs and cats in the vicinity might come a calling, so you might want to run and hide in the bat cave, or at least be prepared for a visit from The Weasel!

Pretty cheap though to buy and the price tag of $25 will be sure to attract many moths to this gadgetry bat mouth.

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