4TB External Hard Drives from Seagate and Hitachi


Seagate Hitachi 4TB Hard DrivesSeagate and Hitachi are most definitely experiencing a sleek ‘n sexy moment as their two new externally located hard drives are positively glowing in attraction.

Opening the show the infamous Seagate manufactures have presented their brand new, first ever external hard drive that has a huge 4TB storage capability within its 4TB GoFlex Desk Drive which is connected via super fast USB 3.0 and sure to meet the back up and media storage needs of many users.

Not to be outdone though in a playground battle of conkers, Hitachi spat their dummy out and announced the following day their offering of the 8TB RAID 0, G-RAID product that has USB 2.0, FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt. One up then to Hitachi in the size war.

To connect the drives, Seagate is providing their latest 4TB drive with a pairing capability that can be connected with an adapter base unit that is interchangeable to give alternative connection solutions. The default packaged base has USB 3.0 and a quartet of LED gauges and the drive itself can be used on a Mac OSX or Windows platform and has an integrated backing-up system.

The Hitachi GST 8TB G-RAID hardware is made up of two 4TB drives bunged together, situated within an aluminium housing that gives light, but sturdy construction.

Hitachi are launching this primarily at the video and audio professionals in the world and it gives a Thunderbolt wallop that provides a speedy max 10Gbps. The drive will work on OS X and be adapted to fully function on Mr Gates’ Windows system, all via the USB 2.0 connectivity.

Pricing is set at around 250 dollars for the Seagate 4TB drive and Hitachi, still boasting theirs is bigger, is reluctant to price the 8TB HDD and is expected to be available in October – time will tell if their price is also bigger than Seagate’s drive.

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